Foods to avoid in your diet when you have high cholesterol levels

Paying attention to your diet when you have high cholesterol can be the difference between going on medication, having heart disease, and being overweight. Following a diet for high cholesterol could reverse narrowing of your arteries, early stages of heart disease, reduce blood pressure, lower blood sugars, and lower your body weight.

While on a diet for high cholesterol, cut back on soft drinks, consume more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes. Choosing calories wisely is important. Reading nutrition labels and cutting down on the amount of fat you consume can do this. Eat plenty of high protein foods such as chicken, turkey, and fish. Avoid red meats whenever possible.

Fried ChickenCut back on soft drinks, sugar, and sweets. Eating complex carbohydrates such as whole-wheat pasta and whole grains. Do not skip meals this can cause you to overeat later. It is recommended that six small meals are ideal. However, if you tend to overeat at every meal, stick to 3 a day. Reduce the amount of salt you use and check the sodium levels on packaged foods before you buy them. Avoid canned vegetables and opt for fresh instead. Most canned vegetables contain sodium that is used as a preservative.

There are many foods that you want to avoid in a diet for high cholesterol. Those foods are whole milk dairy products, butter, cream, ice cream, cheese, shrimp, duck, and goose. Limiting saturated fats, beef, veal, hot dogs, sausage, salami, and baked goods are important as these foods contain the highest amounts of LDL’s. Coconut oil, palm oil, and kernel oil are also high in saturated fats. Try to substitute these oils for olive oil.

If you follow these guidelines, and avoid any foods that have high amounts of saturated fats, sugar, and oil, you should do just fine. Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you want as these foods are cholesterol-free and contain very few calories. Foods such as chicken, turkey, fish, nuts, and olive oil are good for you, but should also be controlled. You do not want to eat chicken 3 times a day and handfuls of nuts every chance you get. Although these foods are good for you, their effects can turn bad if you do not control how much you are eating. Eating a variety of good foods is the best option.